Intercultural shock in Italy

1) “Where have been disappeared all Italians?”cCkRnTKASto

One would, absolutely, notice this factor, while arriving to the airport of Rome.  That was august, hot summer in Italy. I was walking along the streets of Roma and met everyone, except of native Italians.

Before arriving, I had been informed that Italy was the most touristic country in the world but, indeed, are really all Italians tired of us, tourists so much  that one couldn’t meet an Italian, going even to the shop at the afternoon…

     2) Venice was, always, my childhood dream. Once Armenian poet of 20th century, Avetik Isahakyan noted about the city on water: “I met a girl with black eyebrow at Realto bridge…”  I guess, he met with beautiful, romantic Italian woman, and would he guess today that he would meet each kind of woman, except an Italian one?: Armenian girl with black eyebrows, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, everyone, but not Italian.

I was informed that Venetian people had escaped from the city because of huge number of tourists, that’s why I didn’t meet with aristocrat ladies and barons as it is performed in the books and drawings about Venice.

3) The most impressive intercultural shock was in Florence-when you discover Florence, it is impossible not to be admired of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.  You want to immortalize that precious instant through your photo camera but something prevents you. In the front of the cathedral you’ll meet a lot of booths of Eastern trade centres. I didn’t get: Italian cathedral+ Eastern bazaar=?

Anyway, this is Italy! Though being crowded with tourists, though being decorated with multicultural environment, it still keeps the breath of real Italy, that we used to admire of from our text books, from movies, novels.



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